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Sleep to Heal

Although scientists cannot fully explain why we sleep, they have discovered a lot about the beneficial functions in people’s health and well-being of this essential process.
Regulated by internal drives, sleep provides for the body a time to recharge itself. It lowers the metabolic rate, the level of stress hormones and blood pressure, generating a state [...]

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Alive and Laughing

Scientists are just beginning to understand what happens in the brain when we laugh and why laughter can change our life in a positive way.
Emerging from pure joy of life or from funny stuff, laughter is a universal human vocabulary and therefore, it bonds us all together. Babies start to laugh before they learn to speak, [...]

  • The Calm Before the Storm – An Electrical Photography Collection July 18, 2012
    More than storms, I’ve always been fascinated by the calm before them. The sun hides before the clouds, the wind starts to blow, the birds stop singing, and in this monumental silence you know something big is about to happen, like entering in another dimension, when humans and nature didn’t broke the connections – “beyond [...] […]