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Clay Facial Mask – Beauty Revival

Sometimes a homemade clay facial mask can simplify the regular skincare routine, keeping the beauty spending under control and also produce astonishing and long lasting effects.
Facial clay masks have been used as beauty aid since Antiquity due to the cosmetic improvements realized by its compounds. Chemical analyze explains clay’s healing proprieties through its high concentration [...]

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Watermelon Time – Pleasure & Health Benefits

The low caloric profile, and yet the sweetness and the rich content of water, make the watermelon a desirable alternative to a high calorie desert, but scientific studies demonstrate that it can do much more than being just another summer treat.
The main reason to consume watermelon is its capacity to provide natural health enhancement. A [...]

  • The Calm Before the Storm – An Electrical Photography Collection July 18, 2012
    More than storms, I’ve always been fascinated by the calm before them. The sun hides before the clouds, the wind starts to blow, the birds stop singing, and in this monumental silence you know something big is about to happen, like entering in another dimension, when humans and nature didn’t broke the connections – “beyond [...] […]