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World’s Colors Through the Eyes of a Horse

Photo by Joe Nicora, Nicora, via Flickr Do horses see in color? If most humans with the exception of those suffering for dichromacy have three types of cones cells, the retina’s color receptors, and trichromatic vision, horses have only two types of cone cells and dichromatic vision. Therefore, horses see in color, but if trichromats are able […]

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Color in Photography

Photography reveals life even if exploring black-and-white, sepia tone or retro color effect. The color negative film turned plenty colorful in 1935, when Kodachrome, the first modern color film, was on market for the first time. Photo: Rainbow Valley

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The Toxic Touch of Color

  Photo: The Blue Poison Dart Frog About 2 inches long, the Blue Poison Dart Frog is well known for striking azure color and skin toxins.

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