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Why Do Leaves Change Color in the Fall?

Showing the passing character of deciduous trees’ green vivid beauty, autumn teaches a lesson hard to learn: how to let go. The colors of the autumn leaves, turning now from gold to scarlet tones, offer a warm celebration and announce the changing seasons with all the preparations for the winter interlude and further, for a [...]

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Biochar – Black Earth’s Decent Proposal

The biowaste, the increase of carbon dioxide emission and the high decrease in soil quality are some of the ecological problems of our civilization. Aiming to restore the ecological equilibrium, the scientists put these elements in equation and come up with a solution: mass production of biochar.  
From science perspective, biochar is the result of [...]

  • The Calm Before the Storm – An Electrical Photography Collection July 18, 2012
    More than storms, I’ve always been fascinated by the calm before them. The sun hides before the clouds, the wind starts to blow, the birds stop singing, and in this monumental silence you know something big is about to happen, like entering in another dimension, when humans and nature didn’t broke the connections – “beyond [...] […]