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Ode to a Cabbage Patch

Like a painted backdrop, sunset over the cabbage patch.

Photograph by Phil Koch via Horizons

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Smile Your Way Through Life

Photograph by Meanest Indian via Flickr
Broad smile from an Indian slum.

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Pier at Sunset

Photograph by Kim Seng via Flickr
A stroll along the Naples Fishing Pier during sunset. Shadows and sunlight.

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The Distinctive Alligator Juniper

The bark of Juniperus deppeana, also known as Alligator Juniper, is broken into a series of rectangular to square plates, superficially resembling an Alligator skin, hence the name of the tree.

Photo by Tom Check, tombothetominator, via Flickr
Alligator Juniper.

Photo by redbeartx via Flickr
Alligator Juniper bark texture – detail.

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The Amazing Human Eye

Every detail reveals a small part of the world, and therefore the world reveals itself in details.

Photograph by Suren Manvelyan via Behance Network
Close-up image showing the glorious details of the human eye.

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The Web-Decorating Argiope Spider

Some species of Argiope spiders, known also as writing spiders, make an extra silk zigzag pattern on their webs. These white decorations, called stabilimentum, reflect UV light, but their role is still unclear to scientists.
Although Argiope spiders do bite, they are not considered dangerous to humans.
The web-decorating Argiope Spider – Picture Gallery.

Photo by pyrodonic via Flickr

Photo by Todd [...]

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The Koala is a Marsupial

The koalas, Phascolarctos cinereus by their scientific name, are not herbivorous bears, but marsupials.

Photo by Sam Carroll, koalawrangler, via Flickr
One koala joey feeling safe in its mother’s pouch.

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Bats Use Pitcher Plants as Shelter and Toilet

A new scientific study, A novel resource–service mutualism between bats and pitcher plants, conducted by T. Ulmar Grafe shows that in Borneo, the small Hardwicke’s Woolly Bat, Kerivoula hardwickii, uses the carnivorous pitcher plant, Nepenthes rafflesiana elongata, as shelter and toilet. The study proves that the interaction with the bat appears to have a beneficial effect on Nepenthes [...]

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The Endangered Love of Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise

The Wilson’s Bird-of-paradise, Cicinnurus respublica, is evaluated as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Photo by ci.singapore2 via Flickr
Wilson’s Bird-of-paradise mating ritual.

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Dinosaurs, Birds and Feathers

Based on features of the skeleton, birds are considered to be dinosaurs’ descendants, so it can be told that dinosaurs are not extinct, but they adapted to fit the environment. The story is just opening up, because there are a lot of interesting issues for scientists to explore, for example the origin and the purpose [...]

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