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Jeans Generation

Who invented jeans? When were jeans invented? No piece of clothing is more emblematic of comfort and ease in all occasions than jeans. Patented in 1873 by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss who made the first official pair, denim trousers have conquered the world step by step. Photo: I love my Jeans

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Biochar – Black Earth’s Decent Proposal

The biowaste, the increase of carbon dioxide emission and the high decrease in soil quality are some of the ecological problems of our civilization. Aiming to restore the ecological equilibrium, the scientists put these elements in equation and come up with a solution: mass production of biochar.   From science perspective, biochar is the result […]

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The Toxic Touch of Color

  Photo: The Blue Poison Dart Frog About 2 inches long, the Blue Poison Dart Frog is well known for striking azure color and skin toxins.

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According to scientific studies, the objective experience of physical beauty involves its perception as pre-programmed summation of averages. It appears that beauty is all about genetics, hard wired in our brain. As a way to maximize the probability that the best genes have the best chances of survival, the nature pushes us to identify and […]

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Biking – Health & Green

Nowadays, when our necessities pollute the world, the bicycle remains the most efficient eco form of transportation and a highly efficient instrument in maintaining a healthy body. Scientific studies prove that by transfering one type of energy to other types, biking improves the metabolism. Basically, the chemical food energy is used to power the mechanical […]

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Sleep to Heal

Although scientists cannot fully explain why we sleep, they have discovered a lot about the beneficial functions in people’s health and well-being of this essential process. Regulated by internal drives, sleep provides for the body a time to recharge itself. It lowers the metabolic rate, the level of stress hormones and blood pressure, generating a […]

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Watermelon Time – Pleasure & Health Benefits

The low caloric profile, and yet the sweetness and the rich content of water, make the watermelon a desirable alternative to a high calorie desert, but scientific studies demonstrate that it can do much more than being just another summer treat. The main reason to consume watermelon is its capacity to provide natural health enhancement. […]

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Alive and Laughing

Scientists are just beginning to understand what happens in the brain when we laugh and why laughter can change our life in a positive way. Emerging from pure joy of life or from funny stuff, laughter is a universal human vocabulary and therefore, it bonds us all together. Babies start to laugh before they learn to […]

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Scimix is a website that follows the intersection of life and information in modern society, with science and technology. From life on Earth to Inventions’ & Trademarks’ history, from Health & Human Body info to Human Behavior aspects, providing easy-to-read scientific content, the site promotes an informative and relevant way to spot life. Updated with […]

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