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Lizard Ants Peaceful Interaction

When we talk ants and lizards, we usually picture an ant being eaten by a lizard, or a lizard being devoured by ants. The following images turn upside down the lizard-ant association, proposing a peaceful interaction between these two creatures.
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Photographs by Teguh Santosa
Close-up shots catching moments of peaceful interaction between [...]

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Leucistic Antarctic Fur Seal

Leucism is an unusual condition characterized by reduced pigmentation in animals and humans. The term leucism is derived from the Greek leukos meaning “white”.

Leucistic Antarctic Fur Seal.

A normal Antarctic Fur Seal and a leucistic one.
Photographs by Liam Quinn via Flickr

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Fairy Cups

The charming fruiting body of Microporus xanthopus, a tropical species, is commonly found on decaying wood. Besides their decorative qualities, Microporus xanthopus fungi are also one of nature’s recyclers, contributing to the breakdown and to the transformation of deadwood. 
Tallebudgera, The Gold Coast hinterland, Australia

Photograph by plant.nerd via Flickr
Microporus xanthopus in various shades of brown, growing on [...]

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A Long-billed Dowitcher Reflection

Álftanes, Iceland’s Greater Reykjavík Area
Photograph by Kristján Kristinsson via Flickr
A Long-billed Dowitcher (Limnodromus scolopaceus) is foraging in shallow waters that reflects its distinctive long-billed profile.

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Silver Gull Up-Close

Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia

Photograph by frompandora via Flickr
Close-up shot of a Silver Gull (Larus novaehollandiae).

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Spinning the Prayer Wheel

Go to AsiaStories, the photo album of a humanitarian mission to Asia.

Photograph by The Asia Team via Flickr
Bhutanese old woman carrying a hand prayer wheel engraved with Buddhist prayers. Spinning a prayer wheel seems to create extensive benefits, from helping the wisdom arise in the practitioner, to enhancing spiritual powers.

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Pear in a Bottle

Maramures county, Romania

Photograph by 26sketch via Flickr
Close-up shot of a pear in a pear brandy ( horinca ) bottle, a traditional product of Maramures county.

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Smile Your Way Through Life

Photograph by Meanest Indian via Flickr
Broad smile from an Indian slum.

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Pier at Sunset

Photograph by Kim Seng via Flickr
A stroll along the Naples Fishing Pier during sunset. Shadows and sunlight.

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The Amazing Human Eye

Every detail reveals a small part of the world, and therefore the world reveals itself in details.

Photograph by Suren Manvelyan via Behance Network
Close-up image showing the glorious details of the human eye.