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Yurt Home

People come into world and accept its different configurations. Our way of life, the imagery of our beliefs and the concretization of our self-preservation instinct are best shown by the way we imagine our homes which stand as silent but eloquent witnesses. The yurt, iconic circular shape home, represents the way people of Central Asia perceive and […]

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A Possible Future of Science: 2021

A scientific group, the Institute for the Future, designs a provocative map, called The Future of Science: 2021, which can be used to raise ‘what if’ questions about how the progress of science and technology could shape our lives in the next 10 years. ‘A Multiverse of Exploration: The Future of Science 2021′ map from the […]

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The Samburu Moran

The Samburu people live in Kenya, just above the equator, and despite the powerful forces of modernity, they take pride in being Samburu and seem to be keen on keeping the Samburu traditions alive. For example, providing a strategic position both economically and militarily, the moran phase – the warrior stage in the life of […]

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The Plunging Breaker

Traveling through space and time as energetic agents, ocean waves are the result of disturbances of the water surface. As some waves approach landmasses, they experience the breaking phenomenon, a happening associated worldwide with surfing. These are the plunging breakers. At some point, the base of a wave can no longer support its top and […]

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Halloween Attitude

A little Halloween attitude keeps us in balance, providing a fun spirit and a sense of humor. Photograph by Neil H. A Halloween cat carved out of a pumpkin.

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Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia

From up in the air, going with the wind and feeling no movement, you have the privilege to see the world from another perspective. Being suspended above the earth, in silence, with the world going by beneath you, although the sky isn’t the limit, you feel freedom… in the air. Cappadocia, Turkey Photograph by Michael […]

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The Surreal Landscape of Adélie Penguins

When we talk about the classic tuxedoed penguin, with its mostly black body and white belly, the Antarctic Adélie Penguin surely fits the bill. Made popular by cartoons, the Adélie Penguin, Pygoscelis adeliae, was named after the wife (Adéle) of a French explorer. Paulet Island, Antarctica Photograph by Steve Gould via Steve Gould Photography Two Adélie […]

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Lizard Ants Peaceful Interaction

When we talk ants and lizards, we usually picture an ant being eaten by a lizard, or a lizard being devoured by ants. The following images turn upside down the lizard-ant association, proposing a peaceful interaction between these two creatures. Click on images for a larger view Photographs by Teguh Santosa Close-up shots catching moments of […]

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Leucistic Antarctic Fur Seal

Leucism is an unusual condition characterized by reduced pigmentation in animals and humans. The term leucism is derived from the Greek leukos meaning “white”. Leucistic Antarctic Fur Seal. A normal Antarctic Fur Seal and a leucistic one. Photographs by Liam Quinn via Flickr

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Kilauea Caldera Under the Milky Way

Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii Photograph by Doug Urquhart via Flickr Kilauea’s Halema’uma’u glowing caldera releases sulfuric smoke with the shimmering haze of the Milky Way above.

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